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clogging toilet

I have a problem with a toilet that occasionlly gets clogged. It does not appear due to material and solid wastes. When i use a plungler to clear the clog i dont see any solid wastes breaking apart. I dont have problems with other drains in this bathroom. I have noticed that if the flush handle is quckly released the flapper does not stay up and does completely flush.

Could the problem be more to do with the flushing mechanism rather than a drain problem? Any suggestions ot tips are greatly appreciated.

thank you

Re: clogging toilet

"I have noticed that if the flush handle is quckly released the flapper does not stay up and does completely flush."

Do you mean it does flush completely or doesn't flush completely?

I think you have 2 problems here: 1. a possible blockage/partial blockage. 2. malfunctioning flapper.

Make sure your flapper allows at least a gallon and a half of water to go down, everytime. After you do that, report back.

Re: clogging toilet

Sometimes the water flow is enough to cause a flapper to close prematurely. This usually happens when it's lifting mechanism doesn't lift it enough but it can also signify a bad flapper. Most flappers have a recess underneath that fills with air causing them to float till the tank empties. If there's a hole it will not hold air. Note that some flappers have a hole there intentionally- it will look like it belongs and be perfectly round as opposed to damage.

I believe you've got drain problems, likely some partial blockage downstream, maybe with venting problems too. In older homes sometimes a hanger has failed and the drain piping no longer has enough pitch to work well. Sometimes other trades put a duct or beam in and move thing they shouldn't have changing this pitch. You need at least 1/8" fall for every foot of run in a drainpipe. If you have a basement or crawlspace inspect this first before blaming he toilet because most of the time that is whee the problem and solution are when a toilet isn't draining properly.


Re: clogging toilet

A common problem with low water usage toilets.
1. you can hold the handle down longer to get more water to flush.
2 you can flush solids before using tp, then flush again.
3. many of these units have a Styrofoam float on the flush chain, it is held in position by a retaining clip above and below the float. You can remove the clip and move the float down the chain about a ΒΌ"


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