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Clogged toilets

We've had recurring problem with clogging toilets. We've been in this house for about a year (13 year old house, now), and all of our toilets clogg at least 1-2 times a month.

Is there a liquid you would recommend that we use frequently to help lessen these clogs?


Re: Clogged toilets

13 years ago most of the 1.6 gal toilets were fairly new on the market and most of them did not flush well. The toilet clogs are probably due to the lack of technology in toilet flushing 13 years ago. A good toilet costs about $200 and Consumer Reports reviews toilets every two to three years and rates the good and bad flushers. You should simply replace them. It is a simple job and if you don't feel competent a plumber can do a replacement in about one hour. He will probably charge a minimum of two hours. There is no liquid, solid or powder that will make your toilets good flushers.

Re: Clogged toilets

I had the same problem and did just that, replaced both toilets with super sonic flushing machines. Now one must make sure they remove themselves from the toilet before flushing.

Just kidding :D

Re: Clogged toilets

I first installed low-flow toilets 11 years ago and they were terrible with clogs. The most recent ones I did were about a year ago and the designs have improved a lot.

A diet high in fiber might also help. :)

Kidding. Kidding.

Re: Clogged toilets

I agree with the above posters the newer low water consumption toilets are much better. However I have found that not all of the low water consumption toilets are created equally. I take for example my two toilets in my house. One a Gerber Ultra Flush has a pressure assist Flushometer valve in it and the other toilet that I will not mention by name has a regular valve in it.
The other toilet does fine if you don't have much waste in it but will overflow if you do. My Gerber Ultra Flush doesn't and works much better than the other toilet with the regular valve in it.
However there are pros and cons to any low water consumption toilet. The Gerber's Flushometer valve is an enclosed valve that covers the whole inner part of the tank,which means the tank never sweats when hot air from the furnace hits it and that is a plus. The minuses are that if you hear your water is going to be shut off for a few hours for repairs you can't add water to the tank from a bucket because of the enclosed valve. Another minus is that it is loud when it flushes but not overly loud. Over all though I would recommend this toilet or any manufacturers toilet that has the Flushometer valve as there are many that have this same valve now.
If you currently have more than one bathroom I would suggest you getting all but one of your bathrooms changed with a toilet with a Flushometer valve and leave one with a regular valve. That way if you do find you are going to be without water then you can at least flush your toilet more than once. Our Gerber toilet is about three years old and still flushes as good as it did when it was newly installed. The other toilet the chain sometimes gets caught and the flapper doesn't sit well so it needs adjustment but works well enough for our needs. Good luck in your selection of a new toilet as that really is the only thing that will help you.:)

Re: Clogged toilets

If your toilet has a Styrofoam float on the chain to the flapper, remove the retainers and move the float down on the chain about a hlaf to a full inch. That will supply more water for flushing. In many cases this will solve the problem but does use more water per flush.

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