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Clogged hot and cold junction in shower/copper

Can anyone give me some ideas on what I can do to unclogg the junction where my hot and cold come together in the wall behind the shower. I can access the area. I've tried running an industrial grade CLR down the shower pipe but that hasn't done much for it. When I removed the knobs and ran the water through them they had great water pressure, when I put them back on it was the same ol' same ol'. I'm just assuming, of course since I'm not a plumber, that that is where the clog is taking place. this low pressure situation happened when the town shut the water off to work on the water main without notifying anyone, well, my wife was in the shower when they did it and since then the pressure has been awful. The shower is almost to the point that it will not run because of the lack of pressure. What can I do that doesn't involve me replacing any lines. Money is very tight. I'm thinking about bringing home a snake from work to run from the shower head and out the spiggot. Will this possibly work or will it cause too much damage? It's a hand operated snake by the way. Thanks, Karl

A. Spruce
Re: Clogged hot and cold junction in shower/copper

Is this a single handle or dual handle shower valve, and what brand?

My suspicion is that the pressure balance portion of the valve was damaged or just ceased to function (cartridge style valve made in the last 10 - 15 years). If this is the case, a new cartridge should be less than $10.

Re: Clogged hot and cold junction in shower/copper

I think that your problem is probably in the hot/cold mixer portion of the valve. It is more than likely clogged. You will need to remove the control handle and the bezel behind it. This will allow you access to the plugs for the hot and cold water and also in the centre larger hex nut. if you remove the centre nut the complete mixer part of the valve will come out with it. Expect a lot of gunk. remove and clean what you can and soak the complete assembly in vinegar. Make sure that the small pin in the middle can move in and out before reinstalling the assembly.

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