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Clogged drain in old house

I have an old brick bungalow built in 1939. The drain line in the bathroom is clogged. The tub drains extremely slowly and when we run water in the sink brown water bubbles up into the tub - which then takes quite a while to drain. There's no problem at all with or from the toilet.
The only thing I can think of that should be plugging the drain up would be hair - 3 women showering, 1 short-haired dog getting bathed.
I've used DrainPro gel 3 times in the bathtub drain trying to open it up but no success; I can't even tell I've done anything. I'm concerned about using anything too strong because of the age of the pipes - I don't want to burn through them and cause a greater problem.
I am hoping to avoid the expense of having a plumber come out to open up the drain but I need help quickly. Any suggestions/ideas?

Re: Clogged drain in old house

If you can get the drain plate off, you may be able to use a flexible snake or coil that is used when wiring. These are relatively inexpensive and I attached a pot-scrubber (like a coarse SOS steel pad) to it and "plunged out" the wad of hair that was blocking our drain. Worked for me but you may have other issues further down the drain area that may be inaccessible to you. The sink and tub appear to use the same drain pipe in your case so you may want to do a similar plunge through the sink drain as well.

Re: Clogged drain in old house

pour 2 gallons of bleach in the drain furthest from clog and let it set over night. The bleach should eat through the hair. Stuff something in the drains or put something over them to keep the fumes to minimum.

Re: Clogged drain in old house

i had that same problem and i went to my local home improvement store and purchased a half gallon of "Buffered Murratic Adic" Typicaly used for cleaning concrete and masonry products it works well in this case, the one that i purchased was made for plumbing. BE SURE THAT IT IS BUFFERED!! if not, it can case damage to the lines. Also be sure to use eye and face protection when using this product...

Re: Clogged drain in old house

Home Depot rents sewer machines in my area you may find some other rental place to. Just get one that is for your size drain the agent should be able to help you size the cable. Get some heavy gloves to and test it in the store and ask the agent to help you get your bearings with it before you try it. AL most pinched my fingers off the first time I tried one Heavy Gloves saved me that day for sure. But seriously dude humble yourself and call a plumber. We are not all crooked. Just ask around and find one that a couple of people that you know use. He may help yo upreempt any number of catasttrophes.

Re: Clogged drain in old house

If you do call a plumber, be sure to tell him what you dumped down the drain, it may save him from and injury. If you rent a power snake follow IM's advice, I took the end of one of my fingers off the first time I used one.

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