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Clogged bathroom sink - tried everything!

I have a bathroom sink that has been a constant problem since we moved in.

We've called the rooter guy out several times, and he's run the auger through and cleaned out the clog. This lasts for about a month, and then it's back to abysmal.

We've also tried getting the clog buster rubber doohickey and running water through it ourselves, with the same basic results - it clogs again after a month.

My husband even got on the roof with a water hose and ran water down the vent, to make sure we didn't have something blocking it - and ended up running a lot of water into the bathroom. But at least the vent isn't clogged.

We think the clog is between the sink and the toilet, because the toilet has no problem draining, and the tub is fine too. What could possibly be the problem? Any help will be appreciated - I'm just about to go mad!

Re: Clogged bathroom sink - tried everything!

It's not likely a vent issue since only one fixture is affected and considering the sink drains fine for a while.
The problem could be from a number of causes -- sink drain line running uphill --- wrong type of elbows -- "T" --- etc. Getting to the root of problem without being able to see what's what may require opening things if the drain runs in a wall or the floor -- which may be the case to fix the problem.
Best thing is to get a plumber to actually troubleshoot the problem rather than just snaking out the line.

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