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Clogged bathroom sink

I have a clogged bathroom sink. I have tried a plunger, tried a special plastic strap tool designed to pull out obstructions through top of sink bowl and am next going to try hot water method. the next thing I guess is to take off the sink trap underneath the sink?
I have a plastic sink trap that meets up to the other metal pipe through the wall and the pipe extension from bottom of the sink. If I need to do this what are the best wrenche(s) & other tools to use? The couplings are metal that fit over the metal to plastic trap. Since the trap is plastic it's design doesn't have a drain plug like the old fashioned metal traps.
Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

A. Spruce
Re: Clogged bathroom sink

Channel locks or pipe wrench that is large enough to fit the fittings. Use a dishpan under the trap and drain to catch any residual water and debris that will come out when you start opening up the drain fittings.

Before you go to all this trouble, however, try this. If your sink drains, but very slowly, it could be hair and debris caught on the stopper plunger and rod. Reach around behind the drain neck under the sink and unscrew the rod, hang onto the stopper in the sink at the same time you pull the rod out of the drain neck. Clean both to remove hair and sludge. Use a flashlight to look down into the drain from inside the sink, you'll probably find a pretty good plug of hair and sludge. Use tweazers or needle nosed pliers to reach down and pull it out. Reassemble the stopper and run the water to flush any remnants down the system. If you have family members with long hair, this is likely the problem.

Good luck and report back with your results. :)

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