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Clog free gutters. Is this estimate as insane as it seems?

We have a modest 2-family Victorian house in Jamaica Plain, MA. It's nothing fancy, but we're completely re-siding it in a few weeks, and rather than have the contractor install the generic gutters they quoted, we wanted to go with the seamless clog-free gutters our neighbors have (LeafGuard). So the guy came to measure the place up tonight and gave me an estimate: 160 feet of gutter and about 150 feet of downspouts. There's one bump-out for a bay window, so two outside and two inside corners. But we're not putting gutters on the returns on the gable-end eaves, and there would be no removal and disposal of the existing gutters, since the siding contractor will be doing that anyway. 

So the price comes in at about $10,500, which seems completely bonkers to me. That's about $65/ft. Seriously? I was expecting the price to be higher than the generic quotes of $4000 or so that I've gotten for k-style gutters (which itself seems high), but not *that* much higher.

We'd really like a maintenance-free gutter system like our neighbors have (they've been happy with it for 15 years), but I'm not willing to pay that much. Is there an alternative? It doesn't seem that there are any other contractors that install Leafguard in Boston, so it feels like the options are to pay this ridiculous price, find another clog-free system installer, or go with K-style gutters with snap-in guards. I'd prefer the seamless ones and I'm willing to pay a bit extra, but $10k? I don't think so!



Re: Clog free gutters. Is this estimate as insane as it seems?

Hi Perry

We own a large Victorian house. I decided to go with half round 8 inch copper gutters with the supports that fit on the outside of the gutter. We love them. The price of the gutters, fittings, and all the decorative items that we wanted were more costly than the normal aluminum K style. I did not put any covers on the gutters. Al the seams are soldered from the outside in. So all the joints in the corners are perfectly smooth. With no covers and the large half round shape of the troughs, nothing sticks. We did install a diversion close to the bottom of each downspout that diverts out the leaves and debris. I installed all the downspouts into an underground drain systems that flows far from the house into french drains.

I found that no one would install them because no one knows how to solder correctly. We interviewed a few gutter contractors, most of them were not bonded, and the others failed the solder test that we gave them. I hired a couple young men from the area and we installed all the gutters, downspouts, etc... I also installed a gutter wash down system that I thought of. Pretty simple, just some 3/8" copper pipe that is fastened to the house side of the gutter, inside the gutter. I drilled holes in the copper pipe, every 2 inches. Now all I have to do is turn on the water and let the water do all the work of cleaning out what little debris is in the gutters. We also pitched the gutters from the center of each section to the corners a little more than normal. I added more hangers that even recommended. I never want to have to work on them again.

The initial cost was really not that costly. Check out www.ClassicGutters.com That is where we purchased everything from them, they shipped everything. The longest section they can ship is 24 feet. Which is not too bad. The total price we felt was very reasonable. I am not a sales person, and in no way affiliated with that company. I only purchased their product. I look at things this way. How much is your time worth to you if you have to go back in a few years and do the job again? How much savings do you get in return, if you happen to get hurt while cleaning the gutters.

Another thing that I recommend is to cut back all limbs that coupld possibly drop anything on to a roof that will end up in the gutters.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC.

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