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Climbers next to house

Looking for advice on planting a climber along my patio next to the house. I have vinyl siding and I know it's a bad idea to let the climber grow directly on the house. What I'm considering is attaching a wood or metal trellis - possibly with some spacers between the siding and trellis?

Is this just a bad idea in general? If giving a little space between the house and trellis helps, how much is sufficient? I have less than a foot between the side of the house and the patio. Any other advice or ideas are appreciated. Basically I'm trying to create a green, shady space around the entire patio so I'd like something vertical right along the side of the house.

In terms of specific plants I was considering climbing hydrangea. I live in central Ohio and it would be in partial shade most of the day.

Re: Climbers next to house

Climbing hydrangea gets pretty aggressive, I don't know that in 10 years when it hits its growth spurt (yes it took that long for mine) it may not stay put on the trellis, but prefer to go directly to the siding with its sucker/roots. It's the kind of plant that will make its way under the siding. like english ivy.

Re: Climbers next to house

Did you grow yours on a freestanding trellis or near the house? The plan is to stay on top of it and not let it get too out of control but I guess we all know how that works out.. :rolleyes:

Re: Climbers next to house

I'll advise against such a thing, vinyl siding or not, even if you plan to trim it regularly. Why? In no time it will become an ant & termite express highway to the house.

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