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Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

Hey guys,

I'm going to be moving back into a house that I own and want to renovate the entire house. I've got big ideas, but on a plebeian paycheck. The home is from the mid to late 80s, and it's in Fort Lauderdale. The style of the home is kind of Miami Vice / 80s Modern (I guess what would be called contemporary). It's nice, except everything is stark white, everywhere. Some of the things I plan to do are to renovate the bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas.

I'd like to try to save in any way that I can, but not cut back on quality. I realize the best thing to do is to shop around for everything for the best price; however, I was just curious if there are any major clearance / outlet stores that happen to sell things for home remodeling that maybe just didn't make the cut. I know that Brandsmart has a scratch and dent store where they sell brand new stuff at 1/8th the price. Is there anything like this for home remodeling?

I know Lumber Liquidators has cheep flooring (will be looking at that too), but is there anything for kitchens and bathrooms?

Thanks guys!


Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

You might check to see if you have a habitat for humanity store in your area.


Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

Take classes on woodworking so you can save on labor.

Craigslist is great; so are garage sales/flea markets.

Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

A lot of places have someone who deals with salvaged materials. Or if you have the time you can scrounge these yourself from friends and curbsides. Many contractors will be happy to have you cart off some of the waste materials they deal with- it saves us space in the dumpster! Checking with trade-specific contractors (on-site, not a call to their office) will often make you connections to get free good used materials if they have them. Craigslist and Freecycle are very good resources for finding smaller amounts of building materials, appliances, and furnishings new and used.

What you have to look out for is being sure to get enough of the material which matches to finish that job, and hopefully a little more for future repairs (do a search on Home Depot "Maui Tile" here and you'll understand!). Also watch for hidden problems such as insect infested materials, painted items with lead paint on them, asbestos-bearing materials, etc. A good scrounger here can gather enough to nicely furnish and remodel an entire house in a couple year's time if they know where to look, and all for free or nearly so, and I know a couple of guys who have done just that.


Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

You may be able to use some left over, not so perfect materials where they will be hidden away from sight, but for a nice professional finish, use only good materials where they are exposed.

Generally, trash material is garbage. It will also be time consuming to look for it, clean it to make it re-usable, deliver it, store it, protect it from wetness, etc etc - is your time worthless?

Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

If you do talk to contractors about picking up waste materials, it's a good idea to get permission every time, from every jobsite, at least until they trust you. There is a lot of theft from jobsites these days and you don't want to get on their bad sides.

What appears to be waste may not be. You don't want to be picking up something that they are planning on saving.

Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

Yeah definitely be careful doing that. Best to know the people and get their permission. You could end up with a serious fine or even jail on some sites.

Re: Clearance / Discount materials for renovation?

In virginia we have builders discount center (BDC) that sells everything from wood to doors to roofing to kitchen and bath cabinets .Maybe you could see if there is 1 in Florida .Maybe you can google discount places on your puter .

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