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Cleaning out home steam radiator pipes

Are "steam cleanings" and/or "chemical cleanings" of home steam radiator system pipes, worth the high price (approx $1500)? Are they necessary?

I had this "treatment" suggested to me by a large plumbing contractor, which includes draining and refilling my steam pipes with a chemical that will remove rust and scale, to make things operate more efficiently, and preserve the life of my new (2007) gas furnace.

It sounds impressive, but will it harm my 1924 home's old steam pipes? Is this the only way to service old steam pipes? Is this legit, or just a money making ploy?

Thanks for any help!

Re: Cleaning out home steam radiator pipes

Are you having any problems with the system? And is it a one or two pipe system? The most common problem that occurs with a steam system is if the return lines become partly clogged. This will cause a loud hammer in the system. If this is not occurring then I would say your lines don't need any treatments.


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