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Cleaning oil spill in garage

Mods - please move this if i am in the wrong area. I couldn't find a good spot to post this.

I had a gallon jug of used oil up on a shelf in my garage. Well, it leaked... a lot. Now i have oil down the unpainted drywall and all over my shelves. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning up this mess, especially the drywall?


A. Spruce
Re: Cleaning oil spill in garage

The wall will be easiest to cut the damaged area out and replace it.

1 - Find the centerline of the studs on either side of the spill and cut there.
2 - Cut new piece to fit. and install with drywall nails or screws - your choice.
3 - Use mesh tape - it's self stick and easier to use.
4 - Use drywall compound to cover the joint and smooth out.
5 - Use topping compound to finish and smooth joints/fasteners.
6 - Lightly sand, prime, and paint.

The oil spill will be a little more difficult. Soak up what you can with rags and kitty litter. The stain it self can be minimized by washing with a strong TSP solution. You'll never get all the oil/stain removed, but you can at least get the mess cleaned up well.

Re: Cleaning oil spill in garage

I feared the cut the drywall solution. Not b/c it's hard, but more b/c i don't want to do it. Sadly since i'm selling the house, i think that is a repair that should be made...

Re: Cleaning oil spill in garage

If you don't want the buyer or the buyer's agent questioning you about the oil on the drywall, replace the drywall.

You don't want to lose the sale over a quart of oil.

A. Spruce
Re: Cleaning oil spill in garage

As long as it is not a firewall between the house and garage, you don't even have to worry about taping the patch, just replace the spot of drywall.

It really isn't that big of a deal, and the repair isn't going to cost you more than about $20 in materials, assuming that you have a suitable blade to apply the drywall compound.

Re: Cleaning oil spill in garage

It is the firewall. I don't think i have a drywall trowel, but i can pick one up at harbor freight cheaply. I don't believe i have ever done a tape job, but since it is the garage, i'm not concerned with pretty, i just need it done.

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