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Cleaning laminate floors

We just installed laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators throughout the house. The floors are beautiful, but... No matter what we clean the floor with (plain water or various products labeled for laminates) or what type of mop we use, you can see streaks on the floor. Especially noticeable is the edge of any small area that is wiped. The only way we've found to eliminate the problem is to hand polish the damp area with a microfiber towel as it drys. Needless to say this is not acceptable for old knees.

One main reason for choosing this material was "ease of cleanup." Can anyone explain what is going on or offer a solution?

A. Spruce
Re: Cleaning laminate floors

We used to have hardwood, and we damp mopped them with good results. The key word there was damp mop, not a wet mop. We used Mr Clean or similar liquid cleaner, mix as per the label, mopped the floor, then rinsed the floor, and let it air dry.

I have a friend with wood floors that likes to use Zep floor cleaner and a dust mop. All this does is pick up the dust, it doesn't actually clean the floor, so on days that I help do the cleaning, I will hand mop with a rag and the floor comes out fine.

Another option for you would be to get a dust mop and wrap the head with a micro fiber towel to do the drying from a standing position rather than hand and knees.

Re: Cleaning laminate floors

1. Never wet laminate floor. If water gets in between the planks, that the end.

2. Use a special mop, with LONG HANDLE (so you don't need to go on your knees), made for mopping laminate and hardwood. Replace the pads when dirty.

3. The microfiber pad should be damp, not wet, as mentioned before. What's the difference? - the amount of water in them.

Re: Cleaning laminate floors

aspruce and dj1,

We've done as you suggest - mops with microfiber covers don't allow for putting enough pressure to "polish" the damp edges. And I mean damp, from a light misting with a spray bottle. We bought the laminate to accommodate pet issues, damp footprints, slobber and sneeze drops, etc. I have experience with true hardwoods with polyurethane coatings, but this is like nothing I've ever dealt with. I read something about "overspray" of a factory material that should be removed and we also suspect something in the city water may be showing up (although we are using distilled water right now.)

For the amount of money spent on these floors, chosen for ease of care, I am sick about how much trouble they are to keep looking reasonably well. Hubby gets the cleaning material out 3 or 4 time every day!

What is really frustrating is the lack of customer service from Lumber Liquidators. The store manager just says follow manufacturer instructions (which don't work) and I can't find any contact info for higher ups. They should not sell products that don't serve the stated purpose!

Re: Cleaning laminate floors

After our 16 year old cocker spaniel died, I wanted to get a new dog. My wife said, 'If you get another dog, you will have to clean the hardwood floors". We no longer have pets :(

We use the Bona hardwood floor mop with its micro-fiber cloth to clean our hardwoods. They do have a laminate cleaner for it too.

Re: Cleaning laminate floors


It sounds like you do everything right to clean your floor, and it's still not clean enough for your specs.

Well, maybe the floor you got was not 100% top quality. Merchandise sold through clearance houses are sometimes less than perfect. But don't blame the seller. Or the manufacturer.

Re: Cleaning laminate floors

I somehow agree with dj1 that though you are trying to keep the floor clean but the floor itself may not be of top quality.i would suggest that you use soft brush attachment on the vacuum or use a swiffer style tool for picking up dirt and hair.Sweep or vacuum in the direction that the pieces are laid so that you pickup all the curd between the grooves instead of trapping it.Then mop with a solution of warm water ad gentle liquid dish detergent mixed with vinegar.This will help decrease the streaks too.

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