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Cleaning high sheen wood floors

I have a three year old home with musckoka maple pre-finished high sheen wood floors. I have used the recommended cleaner Boni. It left a slimy flim on the floors. Then I started using liquid detergent in a bucket of warm water. Then I had to switch detergent and everything has gone down hill since. In the past two weeks, I've used three different liquid detergents, Pledge Orange Hardwood Floor Cleaner, and vinegar and water. Nothing is working. The floors look great until you walk on them and then you see foot prints and it soon becomes a mess. Now even mopping leaves a mess. I'm about ready to cry. It looks aweful.

Re: Cleaning high sheen wood floors


No promises because of the wide array of "cleaners" you've applied/used thus far.......but I'll suggest that you try cleaning a small area (one square foot or so) with some mineral spirits......followed up with some plain ol' detergent and water.

Pick an inconspicuous area (as if one really exists )..such as the very corner of a room. Clean/wipe with a little mineral spirits on a cloth and then wipe up with clean paper towels. Allow to dry for an hour or more and then clean the same area with water and detergent. (Dawn, Spic & Span or similar should be fine) When the floor dries, see if that smeary film is gone.

Out of curisoity......why did you have to switch detergents?

Re: Cleaning high sheen wood floors

I haven't been on this site for awhile so I didn't realize someone answered my post. I switched to detergents because the recommended cleaner left such a film. My sister-in-law has wood floors too that look very nice. She said she just uses a few drops of dish detergent in a bucket of warm water and then is sure to wring out her mop very, very well. That worked for a long time and did great but then things changed for some reason. I went to Menards the other night and came across a cleaner there that seems to work well. SomethingAqua I think. It's clear and you just spray it on a sponge mop and then scrub. It works well....no streaks, no film, dries very fast.

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