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cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

HELP!!! i purchased my home 2 years ago and had a new furnace installed but did not have the duct work replaced... the duct work is in decent shape but when the furnace kicks on i get dirt/dust coming from the vents... i thought if i changed the filter more frequently that would help so i am changing it every two weeks... this is getting expensive and it doesnt seem to help...can i clean the duct work out myself or do i have to get a contractor?

Re: cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

If you're getting dust and dirt out the vents a filter isn't going to help. The filter cleans the air going into the furnace the dust and dirt is in the output ducts. For no more than it costs I would suggest you get it professionally done. They have the giant vacuum and the brushes needed for the job. It's also possible that you will need to have the furnace cleaned especially if you have an "A" coil for central air.

Re: cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

thanks for the help... i guess i dont have to change the filter as often... :)

Re: cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

I don't notice any dust kicking up from my furnace but for the past 2 winters (got a new furnace and ac system last winter) I have felt extra congested and am wondering if there's something being spewed out, like dust, that I am allergic to. At any rate, how often should one get the forced air heat ducts cleaned?

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Re: cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

depends on how frequently you clean/vacuum and control dust in the house too - what is in the house gets sucked into the returns, and if your ducts are properly SEALED. if they're leaky you could be drawing in dust, dirt, yuck, air from other cavities in the building.

you might also check to see if your air when heated is too dry you might need to humidify it. if you have humidifying system it might need some attention, new pad for example, or the system might need to be cleaned. cleaning ducts not much help if you don't also clean furnace system and filters. sealing up an old formerly drafty house without a direct air source for the furnace can end up you suck dust and air into the house from the attic through the wall cavities for example.

Re: cleaning duct work on gas, forced air furnace

All furnace and a/c manufactures recommend cleaning your heating and cooling system annually. While there are no specific requirements regarding the frequency of which air duct cleaning should be done, most homeowners opt for the air duct cleaning service while the technicians are on-site performing the annual furnace cleaning and a/c cleaning as required by the manufacturer. Below you will find a complete listing of all the various related air duct cleaning services........

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