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Clawfoot tub to shower conversion

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum, and am a long time fan of the show. Now more than ever, as my wife and I just bought our first house. It is not without its quirks and issues. One of those beautiful quirks is a clawfoot tub in the upstairs bathroom. While we love the asthetics, we'd like it to have a shower option. The previous owner had built an O-ring shower curtain over the tub out of PVC, which would lead me to believe that they used it as a shower at some point (though I could be wrong.) The faucet has a unique end to it. It looks to me like it is designed so something could click into it. I'm hoping maybe a shower head hose?

I should have prefaced this by saying my wife and I have always rented. We have never owned a home. Though we've learned a great deal in the past few weeks of doing repairs, I know quite literally nothing about plumbing. I have nothing to base this on. I'm just hoping this is something we could attach a shower hose to, so that we could have a cheaper tub-to-shower conversion than using some of the actual conversion kits that cost upwards of $500, or having an actual plumber do it for us. It doesn't have to be pretty. I just has to spray water.

Does this look familiar to anyone? Is there something we could use to connect a hose to this connector at the end of the faucet?

Re: Clawfoot tub to shower conversion

You can start here for some ideas http://www.rensup.com/Clawfoot-Tubs/cl/2511.htm

And yes they make a shower attachment with an end that slips on the shown faucet. They use to carry them at almost all hardware stores but not sure if they are still available.


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