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Class A Chimney Questions

I am looking to install a wood burning stove in our single story home and would like some good advice. Due to our home only being a single story I have decided to install a Class A stainless prefab. chimney. I want to install the very best that I can get. I want the piece of mind that comes from knowing I have installed the best product with the best information available on it's proper and safe installation and use. I have been doing some research and have discovered that there is a differnt standard for the United States and Canada, and sometimes the products overlap. I am located in the US so obviously I need to comply with US Code. However, I am curious in knowing if the Canadian stardard is higher. If so it should cover the US standard and provide more safety. In my searching it appears that Simpson's line of Dura products my be the premium product for Class A chimney?? Any other recommendations are appreciated. Also, I noticed a double wall insulated and a triple wall (insulated inner, air outer) chimney system. There was a difference in inner wall thickness??(not inside wall on the triple but the inner wall)??Then there is the triple wall Canadian that apparently has a differnt blanket insulation material???

I need help on choosing a product as I want the very best in safety? I seen an eposide of This old house some time back and a prefab chimney was installed that twisted and then had lock rings. I would prefer this system that has a twist lock and a safety ring if you will. The Dura line doesn't list the lockrings? I have search for this eposide of TOH and can't seem to locate it. I appreciate any advice on the subject and advice on brands, suppliers, etc. Thanks Skip

A. Spruce
Re: Class A Chimney Questions

The only codes that matter are the ones in your municipality. The only place you'll get accurate information regarding them will be from your local building department. Also be aware that many US municipalities are instituting burning bans/restrictions in regard to wood burning devices. It would be a good idea to investigate this as well.

Please post back as you find more information, as it will likely be of benefit to others with similar wants, wishes, and issues.

Re: Class A Chimney Questions

Hi Skip...
Have you settled on a wood burner yet or would you consider alternatives....like a coal stove? My experience is that coal is a less messy fuel to deal with than wood.

There are self feeding stoker stoves as well as hand fed to choose from.

You would still have to get answers to the chimney question you posed. We have an insulated stainless steel chimney, installed many, many years ago so I don't remember the specifics. It is still in excellent shape. I clean it twice a year, only ever get fine ash, never any creosote build up. We have a Harmon Mark III in the basement and it is able to heat our 2000 sqft house comfortably. It feels great not having to get the propane tank filled in the winter! :D
Hope this helps.

Re: Class A Chimney Questions


Hover on "view documents" under product literature and download the platinum catalog.

Selkirk products can be purchased thru HVAC supply houses. Big-box? Don't know.

Re: Class A Chimney Questions

Besides your building dept. be sure to check with your insurance provider, some have riders that forbid wood burning stoves.

Re: Class A Chimney Questions

Good advice given here.:)

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