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Clapboard sunrise?

Sorry, my terminology is failing me. What I am talking about is something in the nature of a pediment over an entry door. Today I stopped at a barn sale and noticed the barn had a clapboard "sunrise" over the barn doors. I am rebuiding my barn and like the look of it. Can anyone supply me with the proper name and, or, direct me to a site on the web with instuctions on how to make one. It seems obvious that the clapboards would need to be back planed at the center where they only overlap about 1/2 an inch.

It appears the barn has been bought by a developer, I might take some measurements and try to buy it before it is torn down.

Re: Clapboard sunrise?

In case my "sunrise" description doesn't cut it. what I mean is a half elipse over the door with clapboards radiating from a "ball" in the center. Tried to find a picture, but without the correct terminlogy I am stymied.

Re: Clapboard sunrise?
Re: Clapboard sunrise?

Jack, thank you for the reply and the correct term.

The one I saw on the barn was considerably more complex and was a separate unit from the siding.

Similar to this Fypon unit, but 16 feet long and 2 feet high:


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