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Clad or paint lintels over windows and doors?

Is it wrong/bad to clad window and door lintels in aluminum?

We had 28 triple tracks replaced and 2 storm doors and on all 30 the installers put aluminum cladding on the lintels. The painter we consulted said that clad on lintel is ok but Home Depot told us that they don't want to clad the lintels on 6 replacement windows that they are installing on the front of our house.

Is it ok to leave the newly clad lintels or is this a bad thing?


We have 1927 Chicago brick bungalow in suburbs of Chicago.

Re: Clad or paint lintels over windows and doors?

I would not clad the lentels. When you clad lintels then the moisture will tend to collect between the lintel and the aluminum cladding and the steel lintels will rust much more quickly. Any time there is wind driven rain no matter how well the cladding is done water will penetrate and sit there for days. I had 210 lintels in my 99 year old apartment building and I spent a lot of time prepping and painting the lintels. Many of the lintels on the 5th floor were badly deteriorated because they had much more exposure to the elements. The lintels on the 1st to the 4th floors were in fairly good shape because they were inset in the building by four more inches and that difference and protection from the rain made all the difference.

Re: Clad or paint lintels over windows and doors?

Thanks very much

Re: Clad or paint lintels over windows and doors?

I believe it’s better to prime and paint the lintels on doors and windows. It inhibits rust buildup. We have painted the lintels on the windows and doors of our Chicago home with a quality rust-inhibiting paint.

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