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Re: Circular Saw question
A. Spruce wrote:

They've been around a long time, at least 20 years.

Are you talking about a Makita with Hypoid Motors ? Hypoid saws arent worm drives. They have sealed motors and dont last as long as Worm Drives from my experience with them due to the oil/grease cant be changed when the grease breaks down.

Ive been using Skill for many yrs,cant say Ive ever burned one up

A. Spruce
Re: Circular Saw question

Betcha it's more semantics than actual difference in saw design. Didn't know that Makita's were a sealed gear system though, which seems awfully strange for something that has to take the kind of abuse the typical saw does.

Re: Circular Saw question

hard to say,, makita claims they last longer.... havent used hte makita to know... ive used an older milwaukee and the rigid.

my 1st gen milwauk tilt-lok is rated to last 6x longer than any other sidewinder on the market... god only knows about the current ones though... ive looked at the new version.. all i can say is it feels cheap compared to the one i own

Re: Circular Saw question

My first Makita lasted 24 years. I admit, it took a lot of punishment and was used on wood, metal, masonry and concrete.
When it stopped, I asked: "that's it?"

I did absolutely nothing to service it, just replaced blades around. Very dependable tool.

This current Makita that I'm using now, is the same model, and is just as good. Can't ask for more from a circular saw.

The Porter Cable is smaller and lighter. It does its job.


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