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Circuit breakers -240v-bridged non-bridged

I was told that i must replace 2 - 240v breakers that are not internally bridged with2 that are internally bridged.how come.no problem with non-bridged

Re: Circuit breakers -240v-bridged non-bridged

The problem is that if a breaker trips it only breaks half the circuit leaving the other wire hot. That produces a dangerous situation. You should only use bridged breakers for 240 v circuits.

Re: Circuit breakers -240v-bridged non-bridged

They are also called "common trip" or "double pole." Note that Square D brand type "QO" double-pole breakers have a single handle, whereas most others have two handles linked together.

This shouldn't be confused with "tandem" breakers, which are two single-pole breakers in one package connected to the same bus in the panel.

Re: Circuit breakers -240v-bridged non-bridged

At one time it was common to thread a small piece of wire through the two breakers to indicate a tandem breaker. Not that it would ever trip both of them though. It would just provide a heads up.

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