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Re: circuit breaker upgrade

To the OP: When you say it trips a breaker do you mean it trips the main or one or more of the branch circuits?

Regrding the exercising breakers: It's my understanding that breakers as a rule should not be used as switches or tripped more often than necessary as this tends to shorten their life.

Re: circuit breaker upgrade

Most homes nowadays, when needing an electrical upgrade do in fact go for 200 amp breakers. I would recommend that , since there are a few guys and numerous appliances, computers etc.
Find licensed electricians in your area.

Re: circuit breaker upgrade

Several things were brought up on the question. Single breaker tripping or the house main. Size of service etc. Another question might be, what part of San Francisco. In the older part the only approved types of wiring were, wire in flex, wire in conduit and knob and tube. If the house is in a newer area or a newer building and the equipment was setup in a bedroom you might be tripping an arc-fault breaker. But a general rule for loading would be to add all the loads, in watts, together and divide the total by 120. This will give you the total amps of draw. Breakers are built to take short term surges but not to run at 100% all the time. Circuits should not be loaded to more than 80% of the breaker value at any time.


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