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Gennesee Sampson
Circuit breaker keeps breaking

I have one 20 amp circuit with only four outlets connected to it. Only items plugged into said circuit are two small lamps (15 watt bulbs) and my microwave. Panel and circuits are brand new. Any suggestions as to why all of a sudden every other time I go to use my microwave I blow the breaker?

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Re: Circuit breaker keeps breaking

microwaves that are permanently installed like one over the stove are supposed to be on a dedicated circuit. that still shouldn't trip the breaker. chances are that it's just a bad breaker. replace it with a new one, there's only $5-$10.

Re: Circuit breaker keeps breaking

Yes, replace the breaker and try the microwave oven when the two lights are off.

Re: Circuit breaker keeps breaking

You may have a defective microwave oven. One way to find out is to use a power strip or surge protector that has a built in 15 amp circuit breaker. If it pops, then you need a new microwave. If it does not pop and the panel breaker does, then replace the panel breaker.

Is the breaker that keeps popping a conventional circuit breaker or is it a GFCI or one of the new protection devices? That could make a difference here.

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