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Cinder Blocks - One Last Question

I have one more question regarding my cinder block house. There is pooling water near the back steps. The house does not have gutters and I am "on the list" with a gutter company to get them installed...hopefully within the next couple of weeks and that will divert water. There is a bit of green growth on the cinder blocks where they meet the concrete. How do I repair this? Will scraping the green stuff off and caulking do the trick or is more complicated than that?

I'm trying again to insert a photo.

Re: Cinder Blocks - One Last Question

It's algae from the moisture. Correct the moisture issue then scrub it off if you want. No need to scr-ape it off. It won't hurt anything.
Algae can grow on anything if it's damp, dirty and/or doesn't get any sunlight.
It grows on the north side of my house and needs to be cleaned once and a while. Dirt from the air, humid summers and little sun.

Re: Cinder Blocks - One Last Question

Thank you! I was concerned it was something that would take a fortune to fix.

Oh, and by the way, the gutter company just called me an hour ago and I am set to have gutters installed at 7am tomorrow! She asked if that was too early, but I have been waiting for a month so if they wanted to come at 3am I would have said "sure". I am a bit excited as it is one more thing off my list.

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