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cinder block garage cracks

I have a freestanding hollow cinder block garage which was most likely built in the 1940's. When i moved into my house 10 years ago i noticed some cracks around the windows and also noticed that there were NO gutters! When it rained, it would just pour down the sides of the walls - one of which has a poured cement sidewalk (which was totally cracked and pitching up - and water was getting in between the cement and cider blocks).
I put gutters on the garage and had the poured cement area repaired and re-poured.

I do have to work on the grading in the front of the garage as it's a bit low - but i have started to see the original crack get wider within the past year or so (after i had the cement area re-poured). The mason who did this, was using a jackhammer and within this year, the back alley that runs behind the garage was re-done and they were using huge tamping machines. I am thinking that some of this caused the cinder blocks that have always been cracked to shift.

I put a level up to the bottom part of the wall and that is level - but up above where the crack is - is actually shifting inward (towards the inside of the garage) a bit. In fact, the bottom part is probably 1/4 inch forward from the top.

I explained the problem to a mason (without him looking at it) and he said he'd make a channel in the inside of the garage vertically through the blocks and then put a piece of rebar inside and cement it in.

I am sure that this is due to foundation issues - and perhaps some of the vibrations happening from the jackhammers - but i am wanting to try and stop the crack! Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? Or does anyone know why a cinder block wall would shift in like that?? I would think the bottom part would be the one out of level.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some pics:

from the outside (crack at top is 1/4" inwards) https://www.dropbox.com/s/h09jbzxti23hlk6/2015-10-29%2015.59.37.jpg?dl=0

another view from outside: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hiybxl25vndz6ej/2015-10-29%2016.00.03.jpg?dl=0

from inside: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6qoxadfsgok1ft/2015-10-29%2015.58.37.jpg?dl=0

the other sides of the garage have a few small cracks that have been there ad remain the same.

Re: cinder block garage cracks

Quote: "I have a freestanding hollow cinder block garage which was most likely built in the 1940's"

Maybe it was to code back then, but it's not to code today. Get in touch with some masons and concrete contractors, for inspections, evaluations and to determine what to do.

The shifting blocks, as shown in the pics, is something not to be ignored.

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