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Chinese spam crap!!!

Can't TOH Forums' stop these ridiculous Chinese-spam posts???

I'm not tryin' to be out-of-line here, but it's getting very annoying, and turns new posters away I think. If someone drops by this Forum and sees all those junk-posts, I wouldn't blame them from turning away.


A. Spruce
Re: Chinese spam crap!!!

Yes, it is annoying a hell, and we're all perplexed why TOH can't get a handle on the spam problem. I am a member of many forums, several with identical software to TOH and not one of them has any spam what-so-ever. Part of the problem is that there is no live moderation, part of the problem is no one monitors the very spam thread that was started to report all the crap. In just the past week I've posted 19 spammers, and even notified TOH that one is potentially malicious, yet nothing seems to have been done about them yet. Tomorrow they get an email about it, so when you see one, make sure you post it over in this thread so that it can be dealt with.


Re: Chinese spam crap!!!

I don't get it either. The shut down the site for a month or so to get a handle on the spam I thought. A day or two at most should be enough. Now the spam is worse than ever. Even a moderator could get rid of most manually if they tried.

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