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Re: Is a chimney liner needed at all?

I'm not nor have I claimed to be a expert. I am basing my opinions on personal experience and the amount of money I spent on technicians, to no avail, when we installed an 80% furnace.In doing research the problem we were having was due to a chimney with to large a flue. This caused mis-fires and on cold days the WH pilot would be blown out when the power vent on the furnace would turn on. New flue liners the proper size solved the problems. In my research I found several jurisdictions that have updated and no longer allow multiple units on one flue.

I didn't take into consideration the actual equipment that you have, so I apologize for jumping the gun.

Bob Gabrilson
Re: Is a chimney liner needed at all?
narim wrote:

I purchased my 1st home last year and a few months ago I hired a company to do a cleaning of the chimney. Since I have a gas boiler they said the chimney was clean and didn't need a cleaning, but they tried to sell me on the idea of getting a chimney liner. They argued that gases could get through the tiles and/or loose tiles could fall and obstruct the chimney. This being a 50+ years old house I can see a point to what they said. I did not hire them to do it, but found DYI liner kits for a fraction of the cost (they quoted $2000, I found a kit for $600 online). I think I could install the kit myself and save money, but I'm unsure if I really need it. I have (visually) inspected the chimney and it looks fine (no missing tiles, etc). A friend of mine that flips houses told me if the chimney is fine then I should not mess with it...but of course her view is from the point of view of someone that wants to minimize expenses and make a profit...
I too want to minimize expenses, but if it's going to prevent tiles from caving-in or CO from getting in the house then I guess I should do it.
Any ideas/recommendations?

Your tile lined chimney looks like it's in good shape.
There is no need for a liner. And, as far as two appliances in one chimney, that's more than exceptable. Contact your local heating inspector, he'll tell.

Bob Gabrilson
Re: Is a chimney liner needed at all?

With your flue size and height you can vent upto about 225,000 to 250,000 Btus. If you switch to a side vent boiler, then your flue (may) need to be lined but it would pass code here (barely).


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