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Chaulking portions of the exterior of our townhome.

A year ago, we moved to a stand-alone townhome that is 13 years old.  The front facade leading from the driveway to the front door and along the rest of the front of the house; has brick coming up about 4 feet with a flat brick ledge at the top and then vinyl siding and windows above that.  Portions of the vinyl siding starter strip that sits on the brick ledge is chaulked where it meets the brick.  QUESTION:  Does this need to be chaulked to prevent rain from driving under the starter strip OR should it be fully open for drainage?  I see slight dampness in a couple of corners when the rest of the wall appears dry.

Thank you,

Peter Dittmer

Des Moines, IA.

Re: Chaulking portions of the exterior of our townhome.

 There should have some sort of flashing installed under the water barrier before the J channel or the siding was installed.

No caulking should have been placed were water should exit the area behind the siding. Also the Brick should have been placed on a slope i would guess at least a 22.5 degree angle 

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