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Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount

Hi there. I'm sure this is a basic question, but i am appreciative of your help.

I have two plug-in undercabinet lights (GE brand LED). I already have wires coming out of the wall exactly where i'd want the lights to go. I'd rather connect the lights that way than using outlets to plug them in. i cut the plug off one of them, split apart the wires & stripped them. But there are only two wires on my light, and three wires coming out of the wall. What do i do next?

thanks so much!

Re: Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount

If the wires in the box are anything but black, white, and bare, ignore the following.

If you look closely at the cord on the lamp, one of the wires will be ribbed. Be sure to connect this to the white wire in the box. Connect the smooth one to the black wire. Do not connect anything to the bare wire in the box.

Did the light have an ordinary plug or a transformer on the end? If it had a transformer that you cut off, you CAN NOT do this. The transformer is required to change from the 120 volt power in the box to the low voltage required by the light.

Re: Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount

it just had a regular plug. And yes, one is ribbed. And the wires are indeed black, white, bare. Hooray! That was the answer i was looking for! thanks!

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount


First of all they're not GE they're Jasco which markets (pays a fee to use) under a GE name license.

Your K-mart special cheap plug-in lamps should NOT be hardwired or interconnected!!!

If you want a hardwire system get the LED Cove Fixtures a Leader Cable and if connecting several at a distance Jumper Cables.

The LED Cove Fixtures are made with the proper safe power supply that allows it to be hardwired, protections and wire guage that allows their internal individual Class 2 power supplies to be safely interconnected and hardwired through a leader cable when supplied by a protected 15 amp max branch circuit supply and if desired dimmable with a LV electronic dimmer.

Doing what you're proposing with a mountable portable lamp would not be a good idea, you would be defeating the safeties in the product as designed, violating the electrical codes and risking fire, electrical shock or injury. Your portable lamp is not designed to be hard wired. Cutting off the plug (fused) would be very, very wrong.

Re: Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount

i'll have to agree with Moon on this one

Re: Changing a plug-in cabinet light to wall-mount

I, too, am going to have to defer to Moony on this one. While the information I posted is technically correct, it doesn't take into consideration insulation ratings, design limitations, and UL listings.

You insurance company might be recalcitrant about paying your claim when your house burns down because you installed a modified electrical device.

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