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Change 5 ft window to 8 ft atrium door

I want to remove a 5 ft dbl window and install an 8ft wide atrium door from dining room to new deck. The rooms ceiling is vaulted and the wall if load-bearing, of course. I cannot find any instructions on how to support the joists when I remove the old header to install the new, longer one. Can someone explain the process to me? Thank you !

Timothy Miller
Re: Change 5 ft window to 8 ft atrium door

Hi your talking temporary shoring with a vaulted ceiling its a little more challenging not knowing any detials can you shore from outside of the wall to take the load off of the framing that you need to remove... If you can then i would nail 2by6" studs together making a beam one side is nailed into the center of the other this makes a strong support repeat this so you have 2 or three and place them under a beam say a 6 by8 " 8 foot placed against the rafter tails next to the siding be sure to toe nail these supports so no kick out potential. then from inside you can access and remove the framing to install a door are you talking a sliding or french door or a single say 36" exterior door?

Re: Change 5 ft window to 8 ft atrium door

Thank you for the info. The wall is exterior. I can take the vinyl siding off to find the rafter joists. Do you mean to nail the support to that end rafter joist to support it from outside? Then go inside and remove the window header and install new king/jack studs with new header? The new door is a double french door with 1 foot venting windows on each side for a total of 8'. The windows can be opened for ventilation without having the door open.

Timothy Miller
Re: Change 5 ft window to 8 ft atrium door

Howdy again. An easier way is to build a temporary 2 by 6" stud wall next to the outside wall say 10' long 12" or 16" studs on center. Be sure to make it tight to the ceiling rafter tails(not the eave) so the area is held up then from the inside remove the wall covering the insulation and cut out the studs and install a header designed to bear the 8' opening. I would guess a glue lamb 6" wide and a foot tall set on 4.5" of studding on both ends. You should reconsider a contractor bid to install the header then you install the door and trim it out to be safe.
And to avoid cracking the ceiling finishes or your head.

Re: Change 5 ft window to 8 ft atrium door

Hmmm -- the first thing that should be done is contact an engineer to evaluate the structure.
That engineer would then specify the proper support member to be used and whether or not there are wind shears that need to be factored in.

The engineer could advise as to the best way to temporarily shore up the roof load. Possibly the temporary shoring can be done from the inside with a 2 by member on the flat along the distance needed to support however many rafters. From there a 2 by flat on the floor with 2 by's running vertically from floor to the 2 by on the ceiling ---- depending on what's there for loads and what the enginner says..

Once the enginner has provided the signed and stamped drawing ( which is like gold ) you provide that to the building department for your permit.

Once your ready I would suggest you start with the interior removal of the wall covering to expose the structure and to relocate any electrical also any heating pipes or vents.

Then install the required king and jack ( trimmers ) for the new support member. Depending on what the enginner says --- you might be able to insert the new strutural member tight against the the top plates .

Do all the prep work before removing the window to minimize exposing the interior of the home to outside elements.
When the proper shoring is in place and the support members are ready then it's a go to remove the window and cut out the rest of the wall for the door.

Can't stress this enough --- you need to have an engineer come out first.

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