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chain saw chain sharpener used on the saw

Q.Hello from Hampton Virginia..Rocking Rich here,,this past week on a TOH episode the gardner dude was showing how to sharpen his chain on his chain saw and his other guest had a on the saw chain sharpner that went over the end of the bar,he closed it /the cover looked like it had sharpening stones in the cover/ he started the saw and pushed on a tab at the end of the chain sharpner on a log to be cut and sparkes flew out the bottom of the device and VIOLA=Sharp chain=Now who woulda thunk of that==Billy i want one= Now does any one out there in cyberland know who makes this wonderfull on the bar chain sharpener and WHERE I CAN BUY one..the episode went off before i could see the credits.
I have 5-16" 4-20" and like 4 or 5-14" chains that i would love to sharpen on the saw.PLEASE someone let me know as its time to stack wood for the winter.ROCKIN RICH IN HAMPTON VA

A. Spruce
Re: chain saw chain sharpener used on the saw

I would recommend a manual sharpener over a power grinder for a couple of reasons, they're cheaper, they remove less of the tooth and they're more accurate. I've had a power grinder and you're going to spend more time and money buying new chains than if you do it manually.

I have both a manual apparatus and a hand file that I use. I find the apparatus a bit of a pain to use, so I use the hand file and a gauge. After 3 to 5 hand sharpenings I'll take the chain to a shop for a pro sharpening.

Re: chain saw chain sharpener used on the saw

What Spruce said.

I have owned many chain saws. Manual sharpening is quick and easy, especially when done regularly. Good chain saw handling practices that avoid that dulling the chain are also very important.

Keep the saw clean
Keep the saw out of the dirt
Don't pinch the blade
Keep it oiled
Keep it cool
Sharpen it frequently

Re: chain saw chain sharpener used on the saw

Exactly like Spruce and Houston say, but let me add these to the "caution list" to make your chain last longer:

- don't cut roots with your saw. Any contact with stones/rocks, even the tiniest ones, will dull your chain instantly.
- avoid touching metal, for the same reason.
- cutting certain trees requires more cleaning and maintenance, like Palms (due to their high water content).
- store your chainsaw in the protective cover, if you have one.

Talking about storage: if you are not going to use your chainsaw for awhile, release the oil cap a bit, to avoid oil leaks due to pressure in the oil tank. And for longer period of time, empty the gas tank.

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