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Chain link fence gate latch options

I have a chain link fence around my in ground pool with a gate that swings both ways,and is spring loaded so that it automatically closes/latches. For 18 years I have been dealing with this type of garbage butterfly latch-

It never seems to latch most of the time,even after replacing it and adjusting it constantly. I have a 1 year old son so I need to have a latch that is secure enough that a 1 year old can't figure it out- BUT....going in and out of the pool area all day most "security" latches are a hassle to deal with if you have to manually latch them 50 or so times a day.
Any other ideas for self locking latches besides this kind?

Re: Chain link fence gate latch options

Have you checked gate latches at amazon?

Re: Chain link fence gate latch options

It won't allow the gate to swing both ways, but there are magnetic latches specifically designed for pools. To open the gate, you must be able to reach the top of the latch riser, which can be positioned a ways above the top of the gate if necessary. Maybe something like that will work for you.


Re: Chain link fence gate latch options

Thanks guys.
Fencepost,that looks like it would work. My gate could only open 1 direction if I need it to,no big deal.
I did not even think of Amazon to look on because when I ordered from them years back,they screwed up my account 2 times in a row. Maybe I'll give them another chance (or look for the same product somewhere else!).

Re: Chain link fence gate latch options

Probably better for the gate to open outward, away from the pool. That can help prevent a child from pushing the gate open from the outside should it fail to latch.

As for Amazon... it's convenient place to link to products. Buy it from wherever you want.

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