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Ceramica Davinci 'Cayman' 12 x 12 Tile

We are planning to take a wall down in our kitchen but do not want to retile the whole floor. Desperately seeking about 20 of these discontinued tiles. Willing to purchase and pay for shipping etc.
Any leads gratefully received.
We are in NJ.
Thank you

Re: Ceramica Davinci 'Cayman' 12 x 12 Tile

I tried looking up your tile and I think I know where it was made but it will not help you unless you know spanish and can write it fluently as I think it was made in Spain. So I didn't include the web page as I didn't think it would help you. I have some suggestions for you though that might help. If you know of someone who has been a professional tile installer all his or her life and has been doing it for many years give that person a call he or she just might know where to get the tile.
Next idea and best if you don't have a tile installer you can talk to is to go to a tile showroom or a kitchen and bath place that sells to the trades. Whatever you do don't go to a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes they can't help you even if you bought it there originally. Don't get me wrong both stores are fine they just can't help you with hard to find things. A place that sells to the trades though can. Now they might say we don't sell to the general public but if they know you are having trouble finding the tile you need anywhere else they just might say o.k. but don't tell anyone else I did this. Or they might say do you have a contractor and if you say no then they might say well we can't help you but you can counter by saying can you recommend a contractor? That will change their tune and either way you get your foot in the door. Most wholesalers now though know they can't just sell to the trades and stay in business so they have one price for contractors and one for the general public. These same dealers also usually have catalogs of tiles and can look your tile up for you. If the tile is no longer made don't despair though as some manufacturers may be willing to make a few tiles at a higher price but they would only do it if the right people ask and that would be your wholesaler. Bring a whole tile in with you if you have one available and if not take a picture of it to show to the wholesaler. Good luck to you!

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