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Ceramic tile towel bar repair

I was wondering what the best way to repair this towel bar might be. The left side fell off, the right side feels solid. My guess is years of people leaning on the left side. There’s no apparent moisture issues (other than there’s a hole in the wall now).

I was thinking remove any loose chips/debris. A quick shot of bleach, let it dry. Pack the hole with the Acrylpro adhesive I have, load it up on the back side of the left mount. Mush it in there wiping away the excess. Then tape it up good to hold it in place (any tape suggestions on tile?) I plan on using blue painters tape. Then a square of plastic over the left mount sealed with blue tape (14 day tape not the extra delicate 60 day tape). And leave it like that for 72 hours. Any other suggestions or am I missing anything?

Re: Ceramic tile towel bar repair

Your idea should work. If it was mine I would use thin-set instead of the adhesive. Either way after its set and dry you might want to caulk around the sides with a good silicone caulk.

Rodney H
Re: Ceramic tile towel bar repair

Ditto, to using thinset. Thinset is like mortar, hard as a rock !! Is it possible to relocate this towel bar somewhere else, so you can start from scratch? If so, do you have extra tile so you can replace the ones where the towel bar was located.

I guess if this was my towel bar, I would just fill all the holes with thinset, install new tile, and start from scratch. Another alternative would be to mount a nice finished board, like oak, on the wall, and attach a new towel bar to it. Use a router on all edges of this oak board, so it looks fancy, and noone will ever know it was any different. Besides, this will add a nice appearance to the room.

Good luck.

Re: Ceramic tile towel bar repair

I have the exact same problem except I have a further dilemma -- there seems to be no sheetrock behind the bracket in that one spot once I removed the old mortar. Now there is a big hole into nothing... I'm ready to fill it with Thin set mortar, but there's no where for it to go. It'll all just fall down into the wall - does that make sense?


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