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Ceramic Tile over existing flooring

I have a floor with a concrete base. (Slab Home) There is vinyl tile on the floor that I can not get up. Can I put ceramic tile over top of the vinyl without using backerboard?

Re: Ceramic Tile over existing flooring

I do not have a great deal of experience with tiling but I have done a few floors in my house. Everything I have seen from the pros would recomend getting rid of the old floor first. It may be a lot of work but that would be the best way to go. If it really is not possible you should use a backer board. Not sure how well it would adhear to the existing floor though. You should check with a tile shop they could better help you than the some of the people at the big box stores. Good luck in your project sorry I couldn't have been more help.

Re: Ceramic Tile over existing flooring

I would think the vinyl surface may be too slick for the ceramic tile adhesive to stick. One method would be...one person warms the vinyl tile with a torch or heat gun. The glue will soften and then the second person uses a floor scraper while the tile is still warm. Caution must be used because if overheated, the tile will ignite. Proper ventilation is needed also. If the tile is old...abestos might be a concern. Then heating and scraping should be avoided.

Re: Ceramic Tile over existing flooring

I had the same issue with the vinyl. I took a Home Depot course on how to install tile. They said you can do it over vinyl, but you get a better, long term, result if you take up the vinyl first. I bought a heavy duty scraper and eventually got it all up (good daily workout). Good luck!

Re: Ceramic Tile over existing flooring

Two houses ago, I had the same problem. I contacted several experienced tilers who told me to go ahead and tile directly on the vinyl. It was not as easy to get the mortar just right but eventually, I got the hang of it. The current owners tell me that the floor is still in perfect condition (about 200 square feet of the 1000 square feet I tiled were tiled over vinyl) and they're super happy with it. You may note: this house I tiled is in shaky and twisty California! Best wishes.

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