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Cement Stain and Dryer Vent Install Segments - Two Thumbs Down

I have be seriously addicted to this show since it started.  I watch all TOH shows religously.  And after many decades of watching I've not felt like I needed to comment.  But for some reason today, two segments in a row left me feeling like I needed to get back on this site to comment.  I even had to reset my password to get here.  It's been a while.

First, I am shocked the Richard put in the new vent without any caulking or sealing.  In particular I wanted to see how the outside vent should be properly caulked and sealed because I have one sitting on siding just like the one in the segment.  I still don't know if mine is right.  Maybe mine is also supposed to let outside air into my laundy as you showed?  I don't think so. 

Second, where was Mario that you could not have shown proper painting technique on that block of cement?  It was downright painful to watch the other guy (can't remember his name) dab paint at that block.  The worst example of painting I have ever seen, and way short of the bar set by most segments on TOH.  And he never got it finished.  He just kept dabbing more paint over areas already covered.  He didn't edge it properly.  I winced all the way through.  Sure, painting a block of cement does not take any skill.  But your show is about solutions AND Skills.  I must say that segment was painful to watch him NOT paint ...  if got me fired up to comment.

Are the producers now pushing you guys to cut segments to leave them incomplete, or did you just have a bummer week ?  BTW - the earthquake retrofit segment was awesome and something I do not recall as ever being shown.  Bravo on that one.


Denny Cole, North Carolina

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