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Cement porch

I have a large cement front porch built over block. It has a roof covering and has iron railing. The house is old and the cement is somewhat uneven and pitted in places.. I am tired of carpeting that gets worn out and painting just shows the poor cement job. What can I do within reasonable cost to give it a new look or finish. Also, it is high off the ground. I have searched on the site for info and projects, but do not see anything. Simple frame house with siding in Pennsylvania. Thanks

Re: Cement porch

You have many options. I have a porch just like this and it's covered in Terra Cotta tile. (I don't recommend this tile because it's slick when wet.)

I would recommend grinding down the top to make an even surface and putting a decorative finish on it.

You could tile it like mine making sure you get the bull nosed edge of the tile in the right places and the cut edges of the tile well away from edges that are stepped on.
* keep in mind that tile creates grout lines which provide channels for water to head straight to the house if it's not properly sloped away from the house. (my house's grout channels the water straight to my board and batten siding, GRRRRRRRRRRRR)

Better paint or a faux finish that plays up the imperfections of the concrete.

composite decking or a wood decting system like on the Bermuda project would also cover the poor concrete.

Stone veneers.

just be sure that you fix it so that blowing water runs off the porch.

Re: Cement porch

A reply to old but maybe helpful in future for those reading. The recommendations above were good. In addition you could look into a concrete overlay. This is a thin application of concrete that can be troweled smooth or have a mild texture applied to it. You could even mimic actual wood and really give a rustic, natural appearance. Best left to the professional as it is not the easiest endeavor to do as a DIY project. If one is willing though, it is not rocket science. As long as your concrete is in sound condition and you prep properly. Materials can be found at a local concrete supplier along with advice(hopefully) If you have no luck there you can do a search on the web. I have found overeze to be a good brand and good help found with their service.

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