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Cellulose vs blown fiberglass vs fiberglass batts

I would appreciate any advice as to the best product to have installed in my attic. My home was built in 1968 in the Seattle area. The roof pitch is relatively low but high enough for composite roofing, probably 3/12 or 3/12. There is currently no insulation and I received 3 bids all who use these 3 different products. I have been told that batts won't work well under the eves ( my home is surrounded by a 3-1/2 foot overhang ). I have also been told that blown insulation compresses over time. I recently read an article about health risks of blown fiberglass. Currently, I have no rodent or insect problems and want to keep it that way!

I would appreciate advice as to which product would be the best choice.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Cellulose vs blown fiberglass vs fiberglass batts

Of those 3 this is the preference in order of performance ......

1 - dense pack blown cellulose ( biggest bang for the buck )
2- batt insulation

3- blown fiber glass --- not my prefernce at all due to poor performance as temps drop and within moving air --- 40% decrease.

Re: Cellulose vs blown fiberglass vs fiberglass batts

I have a ranch home (1200 sq ft) in Southwest Georgia. It has 32" overhangs and a "stepsaver" roof, meaning I cannot stand (I am 5'9" tall) at the ridge beam, and no there is no way my 230# frame can reach the outer walls of the house from in the attic. Anyway, my youngest son and I installed 61 bags of blow in cellulose insulation this past Saturday. It took longer than most say, but I have never done this before. Tyler, my son, fed the hopper while I operated the business end of the hose. Before beginning, I donned a Tyvek disposable painter's suit, gloves, mask, and goggles. I also took a (screw off) mop handle and duct taped it to the hose, as a handle. I took my big work light up into the attic and 2 pieces of 2'x4' 3/8" plywood to lay upon. Take 2 so you can leapfrog them.

I called my electrician to verify that it was okay to do this, considering my wiring is 50+ years old. it is copper though and the sheathing is in excellent shape. No critter issues in my attic either.

I realize we are in different areas, climates, and the like, but I will tell you, I did not itch too bad after a full day in the attic. Make sure to have plenty of sports drinks on hand, and keep the hopper outside unless you want to be on divorce court or sleep in the doghouse for a while.

By the way, I bought my insulation from Home Depot. Home Depot, as well as Lowes offers free 24 hour rental on the blow-in machine with the purchase of 20+ bags of insulation. I used the Green Fiber brand of insulation. I can already tell the AC unit is coming on much less than before Saturday, which was installation day.


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