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Cellar/crawl space ventilation

Our home is ~130yrs, with a stone foundation- 1/2 tall crawl space, 1/2 cellar. THere are several vents/windows. What's the best maintenance- cover dirt floors with plastic and close up vents? Sometimes theres a musty smell in our house. THe humid climate makes me worry about rot and mold if we leave the vents open.... is it OK to insulate under the floors in the crawl space with roll type insulation? What's the pros/cons to ventilating vs non-ventilating?

Re: Cellar/crawl space ventilation

You really need to consult a professional who is familiar with your area.
The first thing I would do is call your energy company and ask about an audit. Then look in the yellow pages and get estimates from other energy auditors. They will know all about proper insulation and ventilation.

You should also consult local insulation installers. They must know all about how to insulate and ventilate properly.

It never hurts to ask around at the local hardware store, check with your neighbors, etc. A lot of people in your area must experience the same problems and the sooner you do something, the less likely you are to end up with a major mold problem.

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