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Celing Fan Light Shorting Out


My celing fan has three lights and was having trouble with the lights shorting out. However the fan works fine.. I took the fan down checked and rewired everything again to finally figure out that when the third light bulb is installed the fan shorts out. I don't believe it is the sockets because I switched around the bulbs to determine that it wasnt the bulbs or sockets. As long as only two bulbs are installed there is no shorting....Any tips or suggestions as to what might be causing the problem? The light kit has plugs were the wiring is connected, i have thought about cutting those off and wiring together the wires with wire nuts in case its faulty plugs, any ideas appreciated.

Re: Celing Fan Light Shorting Out

by shorting out are you talking that the breaker/fuse is tripping? or is the bulbs burning out?

Re: Celing Fan Light Shorting Out

The lights just switch off while the switch is still on..the bulbs dont burn out and no breakers trip. There is a small popping sound when they go out.

Re: Celing Fan Light Shorting Out

You might want to check for burned spots in the light kit connector or recessed pins.

Also, the pullchain switches are real cheap and might "open" under a 3 bulb load.

Also, check the wire nuts or set screw connections to the light kit or in the ceiling box.

Good Luck

Maurice Turgeon, thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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