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ceilings in old house

i have moved into an old house, the ceilings have been walpapered and painted over. they are now beginning to come apart. what can i do, why would they have been wallpapered in the first place - any advice much appreciated

Re: ceilings in old house

How old is the house ?
What material is the paper applied over ?

Re: ceilings in old house

There are several products to remove wall paper that are very good. This is a time consuming task, but the payoff is great. After removal, I would suggest painting or put up drywall on the ceiling and paint. If you have considered pulling down the ceiling, check for asbestos, BEFORE anything is done.
I hope this helps.

Re: ceilings in old house

good advice above.

Let me add: if you can't remove the wallpaper or if you find asbestos to be present, you can: (1) Apply new thinner drywall using 2" drywall screws into the joists. (2) Skim coat the existing ceiling.

Re: ceilings in old house

If you do have to do repair work to the ceiling surface such as new drywall, this is a great time for new wiring and insulation.

Re: ceilings in old house

The papered ceilings were either someone's idea of aesthetic excellence, or more likely used to cover nasties like cracks or bad plaster patches. Dig, discover, and fix properly- that's the way old houses go and surprises are normal with them :rolleyes: Old house projects should have a 25% or more fiscal buffer built into the expected cost because you never know what you're going to find once you get into things.

And unless the ceilings were really good, I would either overlay with 3/8" sheetrock or if the plaster was unsound, remove it and replace with 1/2" or 5/8" sheetrock, doing all the other work the old house needs while it's opened up and (relatively) easy.


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