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in ceiling speakers

I'm looking for advice on the install of some ceiling speakers. My daughter's bedroom is over the family room and I am looking to keep the sound down and disturb her as little as possible. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

Re: in ceiling speakers

in-ceiling speakers are great and if properly placed, take little volume to make for an enjoyable experience. As far as what you should do to keep the sound down for your daughter.....the only thing i can think of is to either rock-sol your entire ceiling for some sound proofing or at the least pack it around each speaker to help muffle the sound down. Best advice i can give is to place the speakers properly. Figure out where you are going to be sitting the most and where you are likely to move furniture to and place speakers accordingly.

Re: in ceiling speakers

You might want to sound proof your room if you're planning to build in ceiling speakers.

Re: in ceiling speakers

Most likely you won't be able to keep all the sound away from your daughter's bedroom. Anytime you have vibrations you are essentially creating sound. The better you dampen these vibrations the better the sound will be absorbed. The least expensive way to do this is to go to a car audio shop. They sell stick-on sound proofing that you can apply around the speaker area. You can also try using foam insulation that you spray around the speaker. A lot also depends on the wattage of the sound system and levels you plan on playing everything at. If it were me I'd put the speakers in their own enclosure and sound proof around that....

Re: in ceiling speakers

Most ceiling speakers are easy to install provided the environment around them is compatible. We may well be able to put you in touch with a quality installation. Dozen things matter for installing speakers.

Re: in ceiling speakers

The speakers will need to the enclosure type with a port pointed down. If the speakers are open backed, the sound will travel up through the floor and you won't be able to stop it. Also do not mount the enclosures directly to a joist, you need some type of damper between the joists and the enclosures. I would also recommend packing some fiberglass above the speaker enclosures.

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