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ceiling rain shower head drips

We have a ceiling mounted "Danze" rain shower head that drips through out the day. I am 100% sure that the faucet is not leaking. I do belive that the dripping is caused by air displaceing the water as the house vibrates during the day. Has anyone else out there in TOH land had this same problem? What did you do to stop the dripping? Thanks to all for any advice you can give me.

Re: ceiling rain shower head drips

the only way for water to get to shower head is through the shower valve. Sounds like it is tiem for a rebuild

Re: ceiling rain shower head drips

If the pipe that supplies the head runs horizontally at a level higher than the head (like above the ceiling), there will be water that will drip out the shower head for a time after each shower.

The water won't run out quickly because air must push past the water, sort of like what happens if you turn a full bottle upside down--the water glugs out in between gulps of air. The shower does the same, only slower.

You can test to make certain it's not the valve leaking by removing the shower head and capping the exposed threads to make a positive seal. Leave it capped for about a half hour. If, when you remove the cap, there is a small burst of pressure, it means that the valve is indeed leaking.

Re: ceiling rain shower head drips
deadshort wrote:

Place the house on vibrational supports. The problem with your shower head is pretty common and due to vibration as you have said.

There is a company in Canada that can help you out Showerdriphousevibpads at canadadrip dot com

Great suggestion. I took your advice and installed them on my house, and have noticed the added benefit that now the water stays in the sinks and tubs much better instead of sloshing out all over the floors due to the vibration.

How can I ever thank you enough?

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