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Ceiling paint got on the walls

I usually paint ceilings with a roller - and I'm just that good that I generally can get right up to the wall/ceiling edge with the roller and need very little touch-up along that edge.

However I've got slanted ceilings this time which has resulted in some unexpected problems and have ended up with roller marks on some of the walls right under the edge.

This is flat pure white Behr ceiling paint going up over Kilz Original (oil) primer.

I had anticipated that my by now *ahem* somewhat advanced age and general semi--decrepitude would cause some issues, but thought "Hey, its white primer, its white paint, it'll be fine."

However the Kilz "white" is actually, it turns out, a super pale grey-green, and the Behr Ultra White (or whatever they call their whitest white) is - well, actual ultrapure white. Obvious difference.

The finish coat is Behr Ultra Premium in marshmallow-something-or-other - basically a very pale kind of orangey-pink that looks almost ivory-ish in some lights. In Satin.

So - I'm pretty sure the answer is not going to be the one I want, but here goes anyway, just in case there's a trick that will help me - do I have to re-prime over the splotches of flat white before I can put the finish coat of Marshmallow-whosis up on the walls? Or can I get away with out that step and still have it look OK?

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