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Ceiling insulation

I have a small cottage with a single pitch shed roof. The 2x6 rafters and roof sheeting are also the ceiling. I put R11 insulation with kraft face towards the heated/airconditioned side of the room and am experiencing condensation issues. Did I install backwards?....is there a different material or methodologhy I should be using. Would use of spray on foam be appropriate?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Timothy Miller
Re: Ceiling insulation

Howdy, is the roof vented? Can consider painting with a paint that limits water penetration, paint as a vapor barrier, ask at paint stores as some are formulated for this.

Ron remodeler
Re: Ceiling insulation

I had the same problem on a camp that was converted to a home. Venting is the major problem in these types of ceiling/roof situations and stopping moisture from under the building is also a consideration.

I'd consider putting baffles in the entire length of the bays, use unfaced insulation and insure upper and lower venting.

It does help to go under a building and stop as much moisture penetration a s possible such as using 6ml poly to insure the underside of your building is stopping moisture penetration too.

My insulation guys have used a thin insulation with foil across the rafters, over the R11 but under the starpping too.
I don't know who sells that but it was a good way to raise the R value and give me a solution to my cottages problems.

Re: Ceiling insulation

hey nick
have you considered building a lower ceiling if you have the head room?It could be flat or a slightly lower pitch than what you already have.then insulate the new ceiling.Take the insulation and drywall of the exsisting ceiling so it can breath.If you have overhangs at the lower and higher part of the roof install airated sofit underneath so air can flow through and under the roof.venting is very important and will cut down on your heating and cooling bills.

Re: Ceiling insulation

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