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ceiling fan questions

I am going to install some ceiling fans. I have done this before in a previous house but I am encountering new challenges now. 1st, the current electrical box is attached to the ceiling joists (rafters?) with a metal bar the seems to be welded to the box itself. The bar goes across the 2 beams and attaches to the top of these beams. The bar looks like some that we have in our basement between the floor joists and are crisscrossed. They look like they are some kind a joist stablizers. Is this strong enough to hold a ceiling fan?(I don't know how much it weighs, the blades a very light). I have seen the ceiling fan bars that you can install through the hole in the ceiling. I have access to the attic but I don't really like working up there because of the insulation (which is old)

Also, I am hooking up the fan to a wall switch that has 2 switches, one on either side of the room and controls two ceiling fixtures. The fan I have is remote controlled. I can't completely bypass the light switch (not that I know how) because I still want the second light to be operated by the switch. I have a second ceiling fan that I will be installing that has a light switch that, if I have to, I will just keep the light switch on and turn the fan off and on with the remote. Please help, I have some experience with electrical.

Re: ceiling fan questions

If you mean a box that looks like this then it is probably a fan box and should be OK.
Without knowing what wires you have in the box and what wires are connected to the existing light it's hard to advise you how to wire it. Once you get the light down post back with how many cables you have in the box the color of the wires and what is connected to the light.

Re: ceiling fan questions

Yes, that is pretty much what it looks like only it is a metal box.I will take a look at the wires shortly, I am going to hang the easier one first, besides its in the bedroom and the weather is getting kind of hot here already.

sparky rw
Re: ceiling fan questions

pardon my aging eyes, but that looks like a standard bar fixture to me. If so in no way should a ceiling fan be mounted to that. Its not just the weight of the fan that counts. The torque of the turning blades is more important

Re: ceiling fan questions

Thanks Sparky, this is why I like this site because someone is always thinking about the details we amateurs don't know. I will be bracing my ceiling fans!

Re: ceiling fan questions

Well...... I met this woman you see and she wanted a ceiling fan you see. I installed it you see....... The rest was a total failure....... You see.......... LOL!

Here is the kind of box you want...... You see......

:D Such is life......

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