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Thomas DeLorenzo
Ceiling Fan Installation

I plan to install a ceiling fan where no light or electrical connection to the ceiling currently exists. What is the best approach to do an install?

Re: Ceiling Fan Installation

First a few questions.
1. Are you installing in a closed ceiling, that is , one that you have no access to from above?

2. Are you doing the work or are you hiring it out?

3. Are you going to have any wall switch controls for the fan?

4. Is it just a fan or is it a fan with light kit?


Thomas DeLorenzo
Re: Ceiling Fan Installation

Thanks for your reply.
Here are the details:
Yes, it is a closed ceiling with no access from above.
I would prefer to have the wiring inside the walls, but I'm not
sure how to go about it.
I can do the job myself, no problem with wiring, spackling, etc.
I want to have a wall switch to control the fan. A light will also be attached to the fan.
I know the easiest way is to install the fan with outer wall wiring down to an outlet and plug it in. If in wall wiring is not feasible, this is what I might have to do.


Re: Ceiling Fan Installation

To install in the ceiling with a minimum amount of damage. You cut a 4x4 hole in the ceiling for the fan box, run a fish tape into the hole in the same direction as the upstairs floor joists to the wall. Yo will have to cut a hole in the ceiling at the wall, and another in the wall if the wall is capped, Cut the hole in the wall first, if the wall is not capped you won't need the hole in the ceiling. You can then pull the wire to the wall and if necessary drill a hole in the cap and fish the wire through the cap. If the outlet and switch is in line with this drop you can pull the wire down to the switch box. I would install a double for the switch so you have a switch for the fan and a switch for the light and pull 3 cond plus ground. If this drop is not in line with the outlet and switch, drill a hole up from the basement or crawl space into this cavity and run you fish tape up from the bottom to the hole at the ceiling attach the cable and pull it down through the wall and the sub-floor, You can then run it to the wall cavity where you want the switches with no further tear up. This takes more wire but leaves less patching to do.

If you want a more direst rout then you would wand the feed the wire to the wall and remove a large run of drywall or plaster so you can drill through the joists. This save a lot of wire but requires a lot more patching.

In either case once you have the wires pulled you would install a retrofit box. It installs by sliding it up through the hole then extending the arms to the joists on either side.

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