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Ceiling Fan Dilemma

I live in a 1920 2 story colonial and wanted to install a ceiling fan in the living room on the first floor. After removing the light fixture and making the hole larger to install a support bracket, I realized that the support beams between the joists are in an x fashion directly above the hole. I can't install the brace and am at a loss as to what to do. Help!!!

Re: Ceiling Fan Dilemma

I'm guessing the "support beams" are just cross bracing that connects the top of a joist to the bottom of the adjacent joist. If you can look parallel to the joist above the ceiling you should be able to see them every so often. If that's what it is, you can remove it without any problems.

Re: Ceiling Fan Dilemma

I agree with ed21 as this sounds like 'cross-bracing' that is used when the trusses are set and the ceiling joists are framed. This keeps everything 'square' during the framing process and at this point, they really don't serve any purpose. It just isn't cost effective to go back and remove them after the fact. IF, that is what you are looking at, you should be able to remove them without any danger to the structure.

All the best, Irishmist

Re: Ceiling Fan Dilemma

If you are not sure of your ceiling joists then I would leave them as they are. Instead I would either add on to the joists with a wooden angle bracket screwed into the joists to adapt them to your ceiling fan brace or use a short electrical box. As long as you are not crowding your wires and crimping them a short electrical box screwed to the ceiling joists will work fine. Just be sure to use strong screws about an inch long should do fine. It sure will save you a great deal of time and is what our electrician did at our rental house many years ago. Good luck with your project and be safe turn the power off to the fixture!

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