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Ceiling Fan and Light

I recently purchased a home that had ceiling fans in 2 bedrooms. Both fans also have have lights, none are controlled by wall switches. They have a pull switch that turns the fan and seperate pull switch for the light.

The problem is that I have to turn on the fan for the lights to work. The lights also dim to the speed of the fan. Meaning the faster the speed of the fan the brighter the light; the slower the speed the dimmmer.

I would like to re-wire so that the fan and lights work independently. There are red, brown, grey, blue, black and white wires; the light uses black and white only. There is also something small hooked up to the black, brown, and blue wires - it resembles a wine bottle cork and it reads "sprague 6.0 10% 220AC @60HZ 441P"

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

There are many ways to do this. One option is to install a special switch which has a togle and a rotating knub to control the speed. For the light, the wires are black and white. The white is not connected to the switch. For the fan, there is a black and red wire, the neutral white is not conncted. The neutral is only connected at the load, not the switch.
I hope this helps a little.

Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

As long as you make sure you do not connect the white for the fan connection, you should be alright.

Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

To confirm, you have no wall switches for these rooms, therefore, the previous entries won't help you very much, unless you are wanting to install some wall switches.

So, it sounds like the problem is that the fans were not wired to your source correctly....it wasn't tied correctly to your neutral (the return).

Most fans today have a white, green, black, and a blue wire. These wires will be located at the top of the fan (I think the wires you were describing are located in the light-fixture part of the fixture....you will need to check the wiring at the top of the fan, where it attaches to the ceiling).

At the top of the fixture, with the power off, confirm that the white neutral wire is, in fact, connected. Also, the black and blue wires from the fan should be connected together, and then connected to your house black supply wire. Connect the green (or bare) wire to the uninsulated copper ground wire in the box.

Unless the fan is broken, or unless the previous homeowner did some "rigging", this should correct your problem. If it does not, there is a problem in the light fixture portion of your fan, where many connections come together. Although, I doubt you would have the same problem with two different fans if this were the case.

Hope this helps.
Reply if you need more assistance.

Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

I would have to agree there is some confusion here.

joshuncc ..... mentions the white ( neutral ) wire needs to be connected to both the light and the fan. Here is a link with a diagram as to what he is describing :

Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

I am unsure about the cork shaped object in the top of the fan. It could have been contoled by e remote. Maybe the previous owner could confirm. If that is not the case Josh and my buddy canuk's logic I agree with

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