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Ceiling Condensation - in summer?

I moved into a 30 year old home this year. It has vaulted ceilings throughout the top floor, and because we live in Arkansas we are used to hot, humid, sometimes tropical conditions. In our den we have begun to get moisture on a cross-beam of the vaulted ceiling. This happens only in the summer, there were no problems present in late winter or spring. There is no attic to insulate as the ceiling is the roof. The condensation appears during the hottest time of the day, then disappears as we head into the night.

Recent days have given us cause for concern as the dripping from this beam is enough to discolor furniture.

There are no ceiling fans in this room, but we keep the house as close to 72 deg. as possible.

The steps I am planning to take are:

1. call our roofer to have him inspect this area to make sure there are no leaks (this condensation is not worse during times of rain so I assume not).

2. possibly install ceiling fans

Am I doing the right thing? Is this an unusual problem? From what I have read on line condensation is not an unusual problem, but it usually happens in winter when cold air from the outside condenses water vapor on the inside due to poor insulation.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

At a loss...

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