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Cedar Trim in 1900 Victorian?

just moved into a 1900 victorian, started to paint one of the bedrooms and in removing the hardware got a glimpse of the wood underneath. it piqued my curiosity, so i started to strip the molding around the window. the wood is very soft, reddish in color, smells a little cedary. i just have never heard of using cedar as trim. i thought it doesnt take paint very well. My question is, is it worth stripping the paint from all the trim around the windows and then going with a natural wood look, or should i just paint it?

Re: Cedar Trim in 1900 Victorian?

That would depend on your personal preferences, myself I like natural wood.

Re: Cedar Trim in 1900 Victorian?

obviously it did take paint at one time since you're stripping paint from the trim?

As Jack said, it's a matter of personal preference, would the color fit into your decorating scheme?

I prefer natural wood too.

Re: Cedar Trim in 1900 Victorian?

Hi there....

If you have a stripped portion, I might suggest taking it to a good local lumber yard (not the box stores). They should easily be able to identify the type of wood.

I haven't heard of cedar, but I have pine molding in my 1900s triple decker. It's my understanding pine and gumwood were the most popular trims back then. Maybe it's pine???

My parents swear by chemical strippers...If you go that route, just make sure your work area is very, very well ventilated!

Regards and good luck!


Re: Cedar Trim in 1900 Victorian?

It's probably pine or fir as they're both smelly. I took the time to strip several layers of paint off my bedroom trim several years ago. It was so ugly, and irrepairably so, and I was so discouraged, I moved into another room until finally painting the trim two years later and moving back in. Most wood used for trim is cheap and ugly. I don't care what you put on it, it's just plain ugly, just like a pressure-treated deck. Most of it was originally intended to be painted, otherwise, it would be straight-grained oak or something attractive. I would paint it.

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